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The mind is like water. When it’s turbulent, it’s difficult to see. When it’s calm, everything becomes clear.

Prasad Mahes

My name is Dan and here’s a brief bit about myself and journey to date.

I always considered myself to be a quiet and reserved person, so putting my story out in the world has been a journey in itself.

In my childhood was brought up in household that portrayed Christian beliefs, which involved the routine of Church every week, and everything that came along with that. The religious framework I was born into felt very authoritarian, very rigid and fear based. Fearing an all seeing God, fearing judgement, and the idea that I was a born sinner felt very wrong from an early age. Unconditional Love was not a part of my upbringing.

It took many years to feel free from this value system, and see the world with fresh eyes. All of us being equal, no matter what gender, belief etc. I have learnt that we are all very different but all are equal. All seeing the world from our individual levels of consciousness.

Eventually I had to give myself permission to experience a wider understanding of life, exploring my world as it is for me, not from anyone elses stand point. As I explored what it meant for me to have, and enjoy this human experience.

I learnt to Love myself and then Love others without conditions; this took time, effort and certainly wasn’t a straight road. I felt the true values of my core begin to rise. I went to Counselling etc to process these thoughts and found it an amazing experience of peeling back the layers of myself, and to get to the real me. The me I was created to be before the world told me who I was.

On that journey of “finding myself” I experimented with many different plant medicines and chemicals, in search of a greater understanding of my role, purpose, meaning and existence. Over experimenting led to a Near Death Experience (NDE) in 1997, which really shook me up to my very core (My first experience of an Ego Death). I feel this moment started me on the path of asking the bigger questions about my existence. It started to bring into my awareness of how my decisions in Life (conscious and unconscious) were causing dis-ease in my physical body, brain, mind and spirit. I had become many things in my journey, a Christian, an Engineer, a Builder, a husband, a father, etc but looking back they were not all truly my choices. Unconscious values and views were at times my driving force. I had inherited views on what I “should ” be and those views and values needing revaluating, integrating and in some cases leaving in my past. Some things I became to please others, to be liked, and to fit in, out of fear, and in part they came at the determent to my real self.

As I grow, evolve and continue learning, I am no longer shamed by change. To allow myself to change has been a wonderfull part in me feeling freedom in my adult life. To allow my mind to be renewed every day helps me to understand that getting to know Who, What, Why, and Where I am heading is an exciting Life long journey, and the path may have some twists and turns in it still but its one to enjoy; and to experience with Love. Leaving in my past the Fear, judgement, and other feelings that kept me Low; to move from my old survival mode of fight, flight, freeze and flop, to one of peace , acceptance and Love.

I was born an individual, the same as you were, being a copy of someone else just doesn’t really fit with an individual souls purpose. You are an individual, only you know the answers for yourself. Search and you will find them inside. No one can ever be your Superior, we are our own Masters if we allow ourselves. Quoting form the book I grew up with John 10:34. “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I said, you are gods’?

A large part of my journey of awareness is noticing my internal narrative and changing these thoughts to create a happier place within me, which ripples out into my world. I learnt I could manifest my thoughts in the real world by linking it to my actions and creating a future I wanted to be in. I had the ability to heal certain areas of my life by changing my thoughts, as I believe we all do.

If we can change our thoughts we can literally change our lives, if we can change our lives, then we can change our community’s around us, eventually the planet…..maybe!

On this path of self discovery character traits others labelled as weak during my upbringing turned out to be my strengths. My feelings of insecurities keep me humble, my intuition and sensitivity gives me an awareness of how another person is feeling. This helps me to empathise with those I meet. As an adult I am comfortable being me, I am an individual, as we all are. I hope everyone may one day have the courage to step out and discover who they truly are, and can exist in this world closer to their true selves, whoever, whatever this may be.

“You can’t pick yourself up by your own shoelaces, at times you need to let someone help” is a saying that is so true for myself, I needed external help to help me peel back the layers of religious and cultural conditioning and become free. To help me stay free and live a life of love, and to help me not return to old patterns I find it helpful to talk to 3 wise people I have selected. Kind of like a Satellite Navigation system that communicates to at least 3 satellites to get its location, then destination, so it knows what direction to go. I like to follow this example and encourage it in others, I talk to a few chosen wise souls, to help keep me grounded. This along with my own internal compass helps keep me on the my path. I advise us all to do the same talk to someone who’s been through shit, and who isnt afraid to speak openly of their struggles.

I enjoy everyday discovering a new facet of myself, letting myself now evolve on a Physical, Mental and Spiritual level. Life is for living in the now, as no other moment exists, and in that moment we can choose to exist in the emotion of Love rather than Fear. I find ways that which helps me live more in the present moment and one of them is using the Lucia Light sessions to bring me into the Now. The Light offers a lot of healing potential for myself, and I enjoy spending time in this eternal now, and I would like to offer that opportunity to others.

If youd like to have a chat, or experience the Lucia Light then get in touch. This Life’s for living to the fullest. Big Love to you.