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“I believe that regardless of your age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or back ground that at your core you are an external energy expressing itself in this world. All are equal, different but equal; we are all connected as we all come from the same source. When we join together our Power is far greater than the sum of its individual parts on an energetic level, like batteries linked together in the Energetic realm. We are on the Planet to live, to truly live, to thrive, and that is our sovereign right, together we are more powerful than you can imagine!” Dan Parry

Having experienced the Power of the Collective through group gatherings I feel meeting with others can help us all to raise our mood/vibration/spirit, as we share experiences we have gathered on our individual Life Journeys. Sharing the Learning, the hard ships, the knowledge and wisdom, along with the feelings these can all bring is a fundamental part of evolving as an individual. Everyone is a Student and everyone is a Teacher to each other, even if you think you have nothing to bring to a group, your presence is enough !