Whilst on my own journey I became interested in to the health benefits of Mindfulness, Meditation and Consciousness exploration. During this time and whilst attending my own therapy I was introduced to the Hypnagogic Lucia Light experience and it’s health benefits for mind, body and spirit.

What is Hypnagogic Light Therapy?

The hypnagogic light experience can help you achieve a semi-conscious state of deep meditation, helping you think clearer and understand your behaviours more. Reported benefits include:

• Reduced anxiety and stress

• Reduced fear and depression

• Increased sense of inner peace and emotional stability

• Increased creativity

• Increased intuition

• Improved physical healing

• More restful sleep

During the light experience you can either remain seated or laid down in a relaxed position with your eyes closed. White light passes through the closed eyelids, past the retina to the pineal gland and creates an amazing feeling of deep relaxation, which normally only occur after several years of meditation practice.

The hypnagogic state of consciousness is defined as being between being awake and asleep, lingering in the carefree and beauty of an eternal NOW.

To find out more about the hypnagogic Lucia light experience or to schedule an appointment please contact me.

A full risk assessment will be undertaken before use.